New AWS Competency Partners to migrate Microsoft Workloads to AWS

Customers have been running Windows workloads on AWS for over a decade. We run nearly 2x more Windows Server instances than the next largest cloud provider, according to an IDC report. Our experience running Windows applications has earned our customers’ trust and the number of AWS enterprise customers using Amazon EC2 for Windows Server has grown 5x since 2015.

Today, we are excited to announce the AWS Microsoft Workloads Competency for APN Advanced Technology Partners, offering products based on varying phases of a customer’s journey to the AWS Cloud including migration assessment, migration, post-migration operational optimization, enhancement through analytics and Machine Learning, and modernization. The AWS Microsoft Workloads Competency reduces a customer’s time and effort in finding a capable and trusted APN Technology Partner for their Microsoft Workloads environment on AWS.

Interested in becoming an AWS Microsoft Workloads Competency Partner? See the requirements and next steps here.

Interested in working with an AWS Microsoft Workloads Technology Partner? See the validated AWS Microsoft Workload Technology Partners here.  

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