Amazon WorkSpaces Introduces WorkSpaces Restore to the Last Known Healthy State

Amazon WorkSpaces regularly scans your WorkSpaces for health states, and takes snapshots of both root and user volumes when your WorkSpaces are healthy. WorkSpaces restore recreates both WorkSpaces root and user volumes based on the most recent snapshot pair taken when the WorkSpace reports healthy from the last scan. After restore, all changes made to the WorkSpace after the snapshotting time are not retained. The current WorkSpaces rebuild functionality already provides a way to recover a WorkSpace’s user volume data from the latest snapshots. The new restore feature adds the ability to rollback your WorkSpaces root volumes to a healthy state, further minimizing potential data loss.

To get started, you can go to the WorkSpaces Management Console, select WorkSpaces then click “Action > Rebuild / Restore WorkSpace” to perform the Restore operation. This feature is available at no additional charge in all AWS regions where Amazon WorkSpaces is available. For more information, please refer to Amazon WorkSpaces documentation.