Amazon QuickSight announces Data Source Sharing, Table Transpose, New Filtering and Analytical Capabilities

With this launch, you can now transpose rows and columns on table charts. Transposing rows and columns on table visuals allows you to swap orientation of rows and columns to represent data in different views. See here for details.

SPICE dashboards now support new wildcard filters on dimensions. You can now filter your data using any of the available wildcard filters – ‘contains’, ‘starts with’, ‘end with’, ‘equals’. Additionally, SPICE dashboards now support new string functions – toSting, parseDecimal and two new date functions parseDate, and formatDate. See here for details on these functions.  

Finally, along with sum, average and count aggregations, you can now aggregate your visuals by statistical calculations such as Nth percentile, median, and standard deviation. See here for details.  

These new features are available in both Standard and Enterprise Edition in all QuickSight supported regions US East (N. Virginia and Ohio), US West (Oregon), EU (Ireland, Frankfurt and London) and Asia Pacific (Singapore, Sydney and Tokyo) regions.