Amazon Pinpoint Adds Support for iOS 13 and watchOS 6 Push Notifications

Devices that use iOS 13 and watchOS 6 use the apns-push-type header to determine how to handle incoming push notifications. If you configure Amazon Pinpoint to send an APNs notification as a silent message (which isn’t displayed on the recipient’s device), Amazon Pinpoint automatically sets the value of the apns-push-type header to background. Otherwise, Amazon Pinpoint sets the value of the header to alert. Devices that use iOS 13 or watchOS 6 receive these notifications as expected. Devices that use older versions of iOS and watchOS ignore the new header and handle incoming messages as they normally would.

Amazon Pinpoint helps you engage with your customers through the email, SMS, push notification, and voice channels. You can use Amazon Pinpoint to send targeted messages (such as promotions and retention campaigns), as well as transactional messages (such as order confirmations and password reset messages).