Amazon Neptune supports Cross-region Snapshot Copying

Neptune creates a storage volume snapshot of your cluster, backing up the entire DB cluster and not just individual databases. To copy the snapshot in a different region, select the snapshot, choose Copy Snapshot from the Snapshot > Actions menu, pick a destination region, and enter a name for the new snapshot. When you copy a snapshot to an AWS Region that is different from the source snapshot’s AWS Region, the first copy is a full snapshot copy, even if you copy an incremental snapshot.

You can initiate the copy from the AWS Management Console, the AWS Command Line Interface (CLI), or through the Amazon Neptune APIs. There is no charge for the copy operation itself; you pay only for the data transfer out of the source region and for the data storage in the destination region. You are not charged if the copy fails, but you are charged if you cancel a snapshot that is underway at the time. Refer our documentation for more information.