Amazon ElastiCache announces online vertical scaling for Redis Cluster mode and improves scaling non-Redis Cluster mode

The Redis Cluster mode in Amazon ElastiCache provides superior availability and scalability, supporting up to 170 TB of in-memory capacity. With this release, you can resize your sharded Redis Cluster both vertically (by scaling up or down) and horizontally (previously available, by scaling in and out to add or remove shards) while keeping the cluster online. By dynamically scaling your Redis Cluster, ElastiCache eliminates the need to over-provision for peak demand and allows you to right-size clusters, improve efficiency and reduce costs. 

With this release, Amazon ElastiCache has also improved the scaling experience for non-Redis Cluster mode by adding support for scale down and improving availability during scaling operation. You can now right-size your cluster dynamically with a minimal interruption of a few seconds (associated with DNS updates).  

The new online vertical scaling for Redis Cluster mode and the availability improvements for non-Redis Cluster mode scaling are available in all commercial AWS regions at no extra cost. You can scale up/down your existing clusters by modifying the node type. To get started with Amazon ElastiCache, log into the AWS Management Console