Amazon EKS Announces Beta Release of Amazon FSx for Lustre CSI Driver

Amazon FSx for Lustre is a fully-managed, high performance file system optimized for workloads such as machine learning, high performance computing, video processing, financial modeling, electronic design automation, and analytics. With FSx for Lustre, you can quickly and easily spin up a high-performance file system linked to your S3 data repository, and transparently access S3 objects as files. With the FSx for Lustre CSI driver, you can dynamically provision and mount an FSx for Lustre file system to containers, so that your containerized workloads can natively access and process data stored in the file system or S3 data repository. You can use the CSI driver to mount and share the FSx file system across multiple pods from different nodes.

Containerized applications that require high performance storage can benefit from using the FSx for Lustre file system with this CSI driver. Such applications include distributed machine learning workloads on frameworks such as Tensorflow and PyTorch, and media processing workloads.