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We are team of computer professionals that know when, why and how a standard IT solution should be implemented


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iChannel Technologies is a firm of computer professional’s set-up to meet the demands of industry (business, education and government). We provide top class services to our clients and partners in practically every industry. We provide clients with creative management solutions to problems and develop information systems for informed decision-making. We also establish systems and procedures to increase productivity.

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System Administration

Managing your new or existing network need a professional hand. Our team are experienced to handle your server and to provide adequate security policy.

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Server Implementation

Setting up your company servers can be a thing of challenge.We know the right server deployment that can meet with your company work flow

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Web Application Development

Are you thinking of an online program that can enhance human effort in your organization? We provide the solution

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Training and Consulting

We provide special consultation service for your various IT projects and we train you to manage it with your in house expertise.

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